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In Edmond Public Schools, all users (staff and students) have an Active Directory (AD) 'network login.' This network account allows users to log into EPS computers; it also syncs with other Edmond accounts, such as G Suite (Google apps), Canvas, and coming May 2018...Infinite Campus Student Portal!

Each user sets their own network password. To maintain security, all EPS users (staff and students) are required to change their network password periodically. If a password is not updated, it will expire, and the user will be locked out until they reset their password.

If a user is locked out over the summer or while away from school premises, it can be a hassle to update their password and reactivate their account. To avoid this hassle, ALL EPS users should register for the self-service password reset portal! Signing up for the self-service password resets allows users to update their password easily from any device (even a phone), anywhere, any time.

Click here to view the step-by-step guide.


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